Fashion Bussiness

Managing the business of a Fashion Company means to combine fashion marketing, fashion management and fashion retail. In the 2 year Specialization program in Fashion Business in IIFA institute : Brand & Business Management will be merged, in order to train the most qualified and innovative professional figures who will be responsible in the world of fashion and luxury.Our objective: to put the consumer at the center, to create seamless experiences that connect all the different touch points, and to know how to identify and to generate and plan successful business and retail strategies. The main professional roles are:

Brand Construction

Brands have a cultural identity, which often comes out from the products and the company’s technical expertise and craftsmanship, while in other cases, it is the result of a careful strategy and communication architecture. The management and exploitation of this area are increasingly important for global competitiveness of fashion companies. In this area, professionals are required to possess skills in order to be able to interact with all the segments of the supply chain from design to product management to marketing and retailing. As a matter of fact, many companies are looking, at these roles.

Fashion advertising &Marketing

SFashion marketing is the branch of the marketing industry that deals with the advertising of clothing and accessories to the target market. This includes ads in newspapers and magazines as well as commercials on television. The most important aspects of fashion marketing are identifying the target market at whom the clothing will aimed, determining where to sell the products to maximize sales and deciding at what price to sell the products, to attract customers and generate profits. The other aspects include deciding how the products should be displayed; this is where the creativity and resourcefulness of the marketer comes into play.